Bonaire lies 50 km from Curaçao, 80 km north of Venezuela, 138 km east of Aruba, outside of the Caribbean hurricane belt.  Bonaire is 38.6 km long by 4.8 - 8 km wide.


Bonaire is accessible from Europe, Latin America, North America and the Caribbean.

Traveling to Bonaire is possible through flying to Flamingo International Airport. The airport receives local as well as international carriers. For more information about the best travel connections see the details.

Latin America

Bonaire does not have direct flights from South America, however you can connect with Avianca, Copa Airlines, Gol, Lan Colombia, SBA, Aserca Airlines, Surinam Airways, Insel Air via Curaçao or Aruba. Connection from Mexico directly to Bonaire is available via Houston with United Airlines. In addition, inter island carriers Insel Air and Divi Divi Air provide service to Bonaire. For complete routes and details please contact the airlines servicing Bonaire or your favorite booking agent.

North America

Direct flights from the USA are available with United Airlines from Newark and Houston. Delta Airlines has direct flights from Atlanta. Direct flight from Canada is offered by SunWing from mid December to mid April. It is also possible to fly via Aruba or Curaçao to Bonaire. For complete routes and details please contact the airlines servicing Bonaire or your favorite booking agent.


Direct flights from Europe come from Amsterdam with TUI or KLM. They also serve as the gate way to other European Countries.


Inter-island carriers Insel Air and Divi Divi Air provide daily service to Bonaire connecting via Aruba or Curacao.



Nature conservation is high on Bonaire’s agenda. More than 20% of the total land area of Bonaire and 100% of the waters surrounding Bonaire and Klein Bonaire are National Parks and are protected. Therefore, once on island, please remember that you must pay a Nature Fee before entering the Bonaire National Marine Park.


Bonaire's seawater is distilled and purified to become one of the purest drinking waters in the world. Bottled water is available. 


On Bonaire the power sockets are of Type A (North and Central America, China and Japan); Type B (same as type A but with 3 prong) and Type F (also know as Schuko). The standard voltage is 127 / 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.




There are several spots where free Wi-Fi is available. In Kralendijk there are various restaurants that offer Wi-Fi. You can find “SURF-IT” hotspots located at different areas in Kralendijk. “SURF IT” pre-paid cards are also available at TELBO.


There are four languages spoken on Bonaire today. While Dutch is the official language, Papiamentu is used in daily exchanges and commonly spoken under the locals. English and Spanish are also common.

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